The Influence Of Genes And Environment On Children's Development

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Both nature and nurture (genes and environment) influence children’s development. The quality of a child’s earliest environments and the availability of appropriate experiences at the right stages of development are crucial determinants of the way each child’s brain develops. A large number of studies conducted during the past three decades have shown that children with divorced parents have an elevated risk of a variety of problems, including conduct disorders, emotional disturbances, difficulties with social relationships and academic failure (Amato 2000). The issues that raising children in single parent household affects their development have played a significant part in our society. Society tends to compare those children development to the relationships parents have with each other. The significance of children raised in single parent home happens is that it is indicated that they do worse than children in two parents household. They demonstrate poor behavior, difficulty in school, and have more outlooks in school.…show more content…
Nurture comes into
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