The Influence Of Globalisation On Germany

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Case Study: Germany
The Influence of Globalisation on Germany

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Year 12• Domremy College • 10th February 2015

Table of Contents 

Economic Growth 
- Economic Growth (GDP) 
- Economic Development
- Quality of Life in Germany (HDI)
Environmental Sustainability
- Trade
- Investment 
- Transnational Cooperations (TNCs)
Distribution of Income and Wealth
1. Economic Growth
Economic Growth, Economic Development and Quality of Life in Germany

Economic Growth
Refering to Germany’s GDP growth rate, globalisation has significantly increased it since the GFC of 2007-8. The comeback of the economy placed it as the world’s number one goods exporter and it excelled as the world’s leading services exporter. The growth
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As part of the unemployment crisis, Germany debated in 2007 whether or not wages should be decentralised. This would effectively increase employment, however, this would require a paradigm shift as wages would be regualated. Essentially, flexibility in the German labour market is the goal for the long term economic development. Their goal was achieved as decentralising wages increased their economic competitiveness. Thus, their economic development has been focused on becoming more flexible with their labour market which would lead them to greater international competitiveness. In this way, Germany has been influenced by globalisation.
Quality of Life
Germany’s quality of life can be measured by its HDI which ranks it sixth in the world. The HDI measures life expectancy, education and standard of living. To this end, Germany’s life expectancy rate has increased since 1980 by 7.4 years, it’s expected years of school has risen by 1.8 years and GNI per capita increased by a whopping 69%. This is illustrated in Table A, below. This figure also illustrates how the decentralisation of wages in Germany brought it forward economically on an international scale. Now, it is seen as a key player in the international economy, this being due to the influence of globalisation. The standard of living in Germany is in the top 1o in the world therefore making it an attractive economy which furthers its economic
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