The Influence Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare was a mastermind of words and was responsible for many famous pieces of literature still around today, such as Macbeth and Much Ado About Nothing. Shakespeare is best known for his contributions to the field of writing. He has influenced many modern day works of art and is still known as one of the most famous writers in history. He has written at least 37 plays in his career and helped in creating several more. Shakespeare's works have revolutionized the world of literature. In Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, he demonstrates the catastrophic nature of revenge by incorporating the misconduct of innocent lives such as Gertrude and Ophelia. Shakespeare is most recognized for his clever wordplay. He demonstrates this in many of his pieces, however, even more so in Hamlet. In the opening of Hamlet, Shakespeare sets the scene with two sentinels looking after the castle. During their nightly watch, they have an encounter with the ghost of Hamlet’s father. Shakespeare then takes us to what appears to be Hamlet’s uncle, and newly crowned king, announcing the marriage of him to Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude. During this interaction, Hamlet sets an uneasy mood by coming across concerned by what Claudius, the king, is saying. Hamlet catches word from the guards keeping watch and report the sighting of the ghost. Hamlet attempts to witness the ghost with his own eyes and to his surprise, the ghost again reveals himself. Hamlet is then being motioned by his father’s ghost to
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