The Influence Of Hollywood In The Golden Age

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Unlike today, Hollywood in the Golden Age controlled the product that it released and followed a certain accepted agenda. Today, films and TV shows coming out of Hollywood no longer have political agendas, strict censorship codes, or follow conservative American values that existed in the Golden Age. In addition, today moviegoers no longer yearn for deep, meaningful movies that the Golden Age provided or care to take influence from Hollywood. Hollywood today is far less controlled politically than it was in the Golden Age, but today still tries to influence viewers on what really goes on in politics in a negative light. Hollywood is No Longer controlled by Tradition Conservative Values. Historian Franklin states “the movie industry was a monopoly until 1960.” (Franklin 37). That from the Golden Age, spanning from the 1920s to the 1960s “the movie industry was capable of controlling the content of its films” (Franklin 37). In fact, Hollywood did a very good job of doing so, because most of the movies and shows before the 1960s had very traditional American conservative values with the strong patriarchal father figure with a conventional family module. One example of these shows with strong American values that I can think of that my parents grew up watching was Leave it to Beaver. Hollywood producers and directors had these values under their grasp to portray how American families should be among viewers. There is a far less political monopoly on themes coming out of
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