The Influence Of Honey Bees

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Imagine a world where 35% of all the crops we have today are nonexistent (usda). What you are imagining is a world without pollinators, a vast majority (80%) of which are honey bees. Not only do bees help pollinate a large amount of the foods we humans consume, but they also produce one of the greatest treats on the planet, honey. This honey not only satisfies our sweet tooth, but also brings in a lot of revenue. In 2013 alone, North Dakota produced 33,120,000 pounds of honey, which converts to $67,565,000 (nass). Bees also create many jobs; there are about 212,000 beekeepers in the United States, however most of the beekeepers consider it a hobby or part time job (govinfo.library). Pollinators play an important role in the ecosystem. They
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