The Influence Of Images On Pull People

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Images have this is tendency to pull people. Pulling them away from boredom and saving you from that lost awkward silence. Although, have you ever wondered what type of images you’re looking at? What their standing point is on the subject? I have an image that involves politics and I’m going to explain its standing point and what persuasive strategy they used. The image is majority back and white. There is a very tall podium with a ladder leaning against it with a political man on the top end of the ladder. The man is holding a blow horn, and speaking into it. While at the end the blow horn, there is money coming out of at the end of the blow horn. While there is another political representative in line with a bag of money, waiting to speak. Then at the bottom of the image is a man who is not the size of the representative but smaller. The man at the bottom of the podium is holding a news paper that has a title of “SCOTUS”. In addition the man has a thought bubble with the words “ If speech is free, why can’t I afford it?”. Last but not least, off to the upper right of the image is the White House and mounds of money in front of it. Looking at this image I can point out many arguments and biased points. Starting with the size of the representatives is what I noticed the most. The height of them compared to the single guy walking with the news paper. The representatives are twice the size of the guy at the bottom of the podium. In addition, the bags of money that they
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