The Influence Of Immigration In America

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America is a country founded by immigrants, those hoping to live a better life in a new land. Immigration has been a major source of population growth and cultural change throughout much of the history of the United States. Immigration has had a significant impact on many aspects of life in the United States, from the workforce and the classroom to communities across the country. In 2013 Approximately 41.3 million immigrants lived in the United States, an all-time high for a nation historically built on immigration. The United States remains a popular destination attracting about 20 percent of the world's international migrants, even as it represents less than 5 percent of the global population.(“Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States). So if America is founded by immigrants from over 100 different countries then what is American culture ?
Culture is one the most important aspects in a society. A person’s culture influences their life from the day they are born to the day they die. It has a major impact in every indivuaduals life. Culture impacts the decision of what a person is named, to the language they speak, how they speak, how they dress, how they look, what they believe in, what they value, and so much more. Culture is what makes the world unique. America is known for its variety in different cultures. The nation is known for its opportunity of prosperity to every. It’s one of the few nations where thousands can say they came with nothing but the clothes on their back and the “American dream” in their hearts and successfully can say they “Made it in America”.
This being said no nation is perfect. America like many others is very flawed so it isn't the utopia everyone lives it up to be. Yes, for many America is a wonderful opportunity for a better life. Yes, America is home to many cultures. But truthfully a lot can be said that America isn't that so called accepting as some can claim. It can be stated that many immigrants feel they have change to be american not only their language but their culture. Immigrants can speak the language of America , Follow American laws, even become legal citizens , but still they are unaccepted by fellow citizens. What
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