The Influence Of Malcolm X

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Throughout history, different people in society have viewed Malcolm X in different lights. To some, Malcolm X is the shining light that spoke to a population that was in need of wisdom and help. However, other people saw Malcolm X as an threat to society and the pillars that were built to keep everybody safe. In the end, a person would have to be blind if they didn’t recognize the impact of Malcolm X character in the Civil Rights Era. Whether you saw him as a positive of the negative aspect, Malcolm X was a powerful figure of the era. Therefore, we most praise the power and strength of a Malcolm X figure in society. Malcolm X displayed the moral authority so great that it continues to attract people to his ideology in recent times. Malcolm displayed a charismatic quality: he fixed his mind and sight of the racial goals to be obtained and pursued them with an unvarying, uncompromising attitude. In the light of all of these realities and difficulties of the cinema representing a mans life that has been plagued with myths and romance, Spike Lee’s Malcolm X serves as a inspirational achievement. Lee’s Malcolm X serve as a richly textured and relevant nuance of the life and legacy of Malcolm X and the times of American paradox: a racist whose fame has been shaped to display his belated universal appeal.
Spike Lee’s Malcolm X goes to extreme measure sin order the encompass the whole life and legacy of Malcolm X. The very first shot of the film opens up with a Billboard
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