The Influence Of My Grandmother

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My grandmother, Esther Turner, has impacted my life in more ways than just simply being there for me, as a grandmother. She’s much more than that, in my eyes. Being the eldest of three, I’ve always taken on more responsibility as the older sister. It was my job to show my little brother and sister which paths were safe to take in this wild, confusing maze called life. At times, I felt like a mother myself, and at a young age, I found myself slightly intimidated by all the responsibilities that were laid on my shoulders. The main person I could talk to freely and openly, without judgment, was my grandmother. We have always been able to speak to each other about any and everything, nothing was off limits. That’s what I think brought us so close, the fact that she accepted me entirely for the person I presented to her.

She wasn’t ever afraid of what other people thought of her, one of her most admirable traits. She simply does what she believes is best for her and truly brings the most meaning to what it means to live one’s life to the fullest. She disciplined us when necessary, loved us unconditionally, and taught us how to function in a society that was set up to make people of color fail. I cannot thank her enough.

When I speak with her, the flow is simple and pressure free. From boy trouble to problems I’m having at school, she allows an environment that is very open, something extremely rare nowadays. It’s almost like speaking to one of my girlfriends, versus
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