The Influence Of Neo Confucianism On China

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In china there has been no central rule in China for 70 years until the Song Dynasty created in 960. Things started to change in China, for example, the government started to aid the poor a lot more than what they have in the past. They were getting this money from the newly introduced income tax. This made a lot of people happy and everyone started to have more patriotism and pride. This pride gave the government a feel of legitimacy. Some of the major things the government is paying for is the roads, food, and education. Pottery at this time helps out the economy in China, because the pottery is so advanced that it was being exported for good money and it also led more people to come to China. Even though China was number one in the world for many things like technology and a sophisticated culture they were weak military wise (Holcombe p.127). Neo-Confucianism was also created in the Song Dynasty. Neo-Confucianism was Confucianism put together with Taoism, which was the ying and the yang, which was also put with Buddhism. This new patriotism also led to xenophobia in the country which leads to irrational decisions in the future. As time when on the Song Dynasty would lose some land to smaller dynasties who took over smaller parts to China in the south. Despite this the economy amazingly boomed during this time where the Chinese call the “medieval economic revolution” (Holcombe p. 130). Trading had a big role in this economic revolution. Archeologists have uncovered
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