The Influence Of Past American Women Writers

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The Influence of Past American Women Writers Amy Tan, Julia Ward Howe, and Judith Sargent Murray are some of the noble women whom have helped shape the lives of their fellow gender with the talents of their writing. Much of their writing became increasingly influential years after it was written. Their literature allows today’s modern readers to reflect on the humanity and the treatment of women, understand history’s past, and use it as an example to continue spreading the vision of the equality of women today. Tan was known for her willingness to stand up for herself against her mother, in pursuits to find her own dreams versus those of what her mother had laid out for her (Showalter, Ch. “Amy Tan”). Howe was a poet, and founder of the nation’s “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, she was known for her activism of women’s rights, abolition, and world peace (Showalter, Ch. “Julia Ward Howe”). Lastly, Murray was known as the first woman of American letters, speaking for women’s rights after the American Revolutionary War (Showalter, Ch. “Judith Sargent Murray”). Tan, Howe, and Murray have proved to be influential not only in America’s historic past, but inspiration leading to today and the future as well. These women are excellent examples to learn from in taking ownership of their women’s rights and the equalities we shall have, in our still unequal world. “Amy Tan was born in Oakland, California. Both of her parents were Chinese immigrants” (“Amy Tan Biography -– Academy of
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