The Influence Of Pentatonix's Music

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If I were stranded on a deserted island, and could choose only one recording artist or band’s music to be sent to me, I would choose Pentatonix’s music. Pentatonix is an acapella singing group made up of five members, who have been singing together since 2011 when they won “The Sing-Off” competition (“Pentatonix”) I would choose to bring Pentatonix’s music because their many songs bring a feeling of happiness, inspire my own musical performances, and bring to memory what I can do musically without physical items to aid me. Pentatonix is my first choice of music to listen to because listening to their wide variety of songs make me happy, which is important in a situation where I would be all alone. Throughout my life I’ve turned to music for…show more content…
Although I would not be able to perform for anybody on the island, singing is my favorite activity to do, and I could use Pentatonix’s music to aid my own creations. Take, for example, my three favorite songs that they have sung. These songs, “Mary Did You Know,” “The First Noel,” and “Hallelujah” are the first songs that I would listen to because of the unique approach that Pentatonix took to create them. “Mary Did You Know” included beat boxing and used dynamics to create an intense atmosphere. Or, in “The First Noel” they used a different beat and tempo than people usually use for that song. It was played in a way that you wouldn’t normally expect, and you could tell that the singers were enjoying singing their parts. This would help me because I know a lot of songs by heart, and these songs remind me that I don’t have to sing them the generic way that everybody does. I can use styling techniques, dynamics, and other methods to have fun creating something that's my own. Accordingly, being able to listen to Pentatonix’s songs would give me the vision to attempt singing memorized songs and improvise revisions to…show more content…
Not only would this add enjoyment while I listen to the music, but it would also help me make something out of the songs that I know by memory. Since on this island I would, as the old saying goes, sing to my heart’s content, having their music seems like the most logical
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