The Influence Of Political Films On Society And Behavior For Large Masses Of People

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Richard Sklar has stated, “throughout their history, the movies have served as a primary source of information about society and behavior for large masses of people.” Political films represent views and criticisms of certain times throughout history. Popular movies involving politics and the government have to ability to impact citizens’ beliefs, whether it changes them or certifies them. Films that focus on politics could inform audiences on any topics such as political institutions and historical circumstances. Political films are useful resources when learning about particular societies and its people’s behaviors because of how involved the movies are with mass media. Birth of a Nation was one of the most successful movies of its time period. It takes place during the Reconstruction era when the Civil War had ended. This was a time period where the Ku Klux Klan, or the KKK, was rapidly arising in society. Birth of a Nation made the rise of the KKK in America seem like a positive change in society, showing that they were the good guys fighting off the “evil” African American citizens. Even though the feature attracted such a large audience and was a huge success in the theaters, it started a lot of controversy due to the hateful messages it was spreading. The movie illustrates black face and African Americans as being aggressive, inhumane people. Many African Americans protested the film, and the NAACP had multiple failed attempts to get local cinemas to censor the

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