The Influence Of Power In 1984

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1984 is one of the best science fiction novel. It was written in 1949 is based on the assumption how the world in future will be. The novel is deeply influenced by the conditions prevailing during or after the Second World War. That George Orwell assumed about the state which would be formed by the year 1984. The dictatorial rules of Hitler and Mussolini and the life of individuals during that times and how the world will be transformed in the coming years, Moreover it shows the Stalin’s USSR which was becoming more of a totalitarian state. Thus the novel 1984 shows how a perfect totalitarian state would exist and how technology and surveillance is used to maintain totalitarianism in the state. As it is science fiction novel technology plays…show more content…
Although technology and surveillance system has developed a lot in the recent times but still it doesn’t seems that’s it can control the personal life of individuals. It may be today our life is partially directed and controlled by technology because we are becoming more and more dependent on these thing like internet, mobile, laptops etc… the CCTV’s now are the most common type of the surveillance system that is used everywhere but it used not to control the private life of the individuals but mostly in order to maintain the law and order of the state or even for private securities but it can’t be as the telescreens that the novels shows. The surveillance system has also grown further from the level of CCTV’s the invention of mobiles; computers and internet are very helpful in the surveillance work. It can be used to track the locations of any individuals also the development of the GPS system made it a lot easier, the social media and social networking all have been use as a mode of surveillance today. We believe or not but due to all this advancement we are also living in a partially totalitarian state where our life is governed by the modernization of technology with these modern gadgets our life is not completely
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