The Influence Of Pro Social And Anti-Social Behavior

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The media and advertisement is a great way to promote new products, persuade others, or even influence behavior. The content of the advertisement can easily promote both pro-social and anti-social behavior depending on the content. When this behavior is studied and theory is applied, individuals can better understand why people behave the way they do and also raise social awareness. The clips “Bystander Effect” and “Bottle Bank Arcade Machine show excellent examples of both pro-social and anti-social behavior. An advertisement by the Red Cross also pulls on the heart strings to promote pro-social behavior, while an ad by Duncan Quinn also depicts anti-social behavior with a gritty image depicting sexual violence against women.
Bystander Effect: Pro-social and Anti-Social Behavior
In the clip “Bystander Effect”, a social experiment is done to see how bystanders would respond to a girl potentially being abducted (The Today Show, n.d.). The experiment is recorded and observed from afar to witness how people responded. In this clip, there are various examples of pro-social and anti-social behavior to note. Unfortunately, the clip is made up of primarily anti-social behavior. All but one set of people chose not to respond to the situation. Instead, they kept on walking and chose not to get involved. These individuals seemed to not want to have to be in the middle of the situation, or take responsibility for what may or may not be happening with the adult
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