The Influence Of Rhetoric Essay

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Not many people consider the dynamic influence the rhetoric of the world has on us; however, it drastically shapes many components of our life. If I were stranded alone on a desert island starting the very moment I became conscious of being, I would be quite a different person. My personality, actions, and characteristics that are heavily influenced by my parents, friends, and society would be totally different without their presence on the desert island. My parents influence a large portion of what I define myself as. They provide constant guidance and advice whenever I am around them, as well as when I am away. By taking what I have observed from them and what they say, I can create a lifestyle for myself based upon that knowledge.…show more content…
With no parental or family guidance on the island, I would not have my energetic personality. Along with parents, my friends have a large impact on the rhetoric of my life. Trading real friends for palm trees and coconuts would have a large the impact on how I interacted with others. Without knowing anyone else from the very start of my life, I would be lost beyond imagination. I would have no social interaction or even a remote idea regarding my place in society. Facebook, phones, and hanging out would be eliminated on the desert island. I feel without these essential items in today’s society I could never reach equilibrium with others. I would always be out of touch with current terms and basic social interaction. Today I take certain interactions for granted, where as being alone on the desert island forever I would greatly value a relationship of any type. I would definitely have a different mindset as well. I would be quite less happy as well as have a very slim knowledge of facts. The greatest change I would experience on the desert island would be the lack of society. Society plays an important part in how I act. I choose actions that are pleasing to others. I mean who wants to always be gawked at or excluded from groups of peers? Life on the island would lead me into that type of lifestyle. I would act extremely different because there would be no one around me to judge me except myself. I would
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