The Influence Of Romanticism In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein is a Gothic novel that influences from the history of Romanticism. Majority of this novel emphasizes on inspiration from the 18th century. Shelley took ideas from her life and decided to use it through the creature. During Shelley’s later years, it consisted of her being widowed at the early age of twenty-four. For instance, in her novel the creature was deserted at the peak of his life. Having to learn how to do everything on his own without a guardian around created his first impression towards his creator. Shelley’s background writing style in this novel is based off a Gothic subgenre. Her novel uses numerous symbolisms that are used throughout the novel, one is derived from the Greek mythology of Prometheus. Frankenstein, mainly focused around inequality in the world, ignorance against knowledge, killers explained from the viewpoint of the killers, and feminist’s vantage point about the quality of men and women. Christians believe The Holy Bible is the key to life, and if people base his or her lifestyle on this then he or she will have eternal peace with, Jesus Christ. Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein has a great deal of comparison with The Holy Bible. When the creature told Victor, “I ought to be thy Adam” (Shelley 143), he was referring to Adam from The Holy Bible. He is similar to the creature because him nor Frankenstein lived as a child. Both were created as full adults having to find their way through life. The Holy Bible says, “God formed man of dust and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life” (The Holy Bible 2:7). The only difference between Adam and the creature’s creator was God said he will never forsake Adam (The Holy Bible Deuteronomy 31:8). Victor on the other hand leaves his child in the world to figure out everything on his own.
However, Victor, does not refrain from listening to his professor’s teachings by creating life. Victor has broken that barrier that separated him from God when he created Frankenstein. In return for his actions, Mother Nature still played her role in life and he soon realized what he has created, killed all his loved ones. Her novel imitates majority of what she was going through in her time during 1816. Around this period
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