The Influence Of Social Learning Theory On College Students

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Social learning theory has been applied to the alcohol use in college students who may be influence drinking. The social learning theory was created by Albert Bandura in 1977 when he conducted a research on children by observing their behavior. The bobo the doll experimented was created to the individuals that observed society through influential models. Children were so obsessed to pay attention to people or any behavior. The more they observed the more the behavior they imitate. Kids will do as the parents will do or any other programs that are being broadcast while viewing what they perceive. In the literature review, social learning used in a deterrence model of criminological theory was using the tenets in social learning called the social learning theory of deviance. Social learning…show more content…
The sample used was randomly picked out of undergraduates from on the universities in the project contacted first by mail. They samples were greeted with $10 incentive check and then contacted by email with 2 reminders behind them, with the university student database, from November 2010 through December reaching over 800 sample sizes. The response was less than expected with only totaling 347 participants. The demographics data final participants matches with the census data of the undergrads at the university population in general coming to 57.6% men versus 52.6%,60.2% younger than 20 years of age versus 66% percentages that were similar in ethnic group and academic status with 71.3% being off-campus versus 69%. Living location data was acquired for 298 respondents, showing a different in general alcohol use among those who line in SRA. The student sample was appropriate and generalizabilty would be better established by testing the model at other universities using deterrence
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