The Influence Of Sport Communication

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The sports industry has been around since the 19th century and since then has always been dependent upon sport communication. Sport communications is a powerful activity because it has the ability to influence public opinion. “Sport communication is defined as process by which people in sport, in a sport setting, or through a sport endeavor share symbols as they create meaning through interaction,” (Laucella, Miloch, & Pedersen p.10). In other words, as long as athletes keep playing their sports, they are usually considered role models. Their daily examples cannot only affect the engagement into sports, but also social and individual behavior of people. At the same time, the debate about different gender, racial, and national groups engaged in sports is very important because it defines what topics are present in the public opinion and which are discussed. Unfortunately, in today’s news sport communication is still maintaining status quo relative to the different minority groups and violence in sports. Firstly, the coverage and portrayal of minorities in sport communication continues to recreate the underrepresentation of those groups in the public circle. For many years, sport organizations have been dealing with matters related to minorities in the areas of not hiring enough of them. For example, “until the mid-1970’s, African Americans received very limited coverage in sport media,” (Laucella, Miloch, & Pedersen p. 317). That is to say, that the small coverage of the
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