The Influence Of Talents In Someday Brent's Journey

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Brent has gained various talents while on his journey, and can use these talents to have a positive influence on anyone he meets. The first talent Brent acquainted himself was whirligig making. Throughout the book, the whirligigs were shown affecting people positively and altering the course of their lives. Brent was able to learn this talent by reading and following a book. Someday Brent may want to write a book of his own, in turn, inspiring someone to master the art and construct whirligigs. Besides the making of whirligigs, Brent also took up Harmonica. There was a bearded man playing at the hostel Brent stayed at. It was the concertina player who inspired Brent to buy and play the Harmonica. Maybe Brent will be like the concertina
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