The Influence Of Teachers ' Treatment Of Oral Errors

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Video Analysis: the Influence of Teachers’ Treatment of Oral Errors and Teachers’ Questions on ESL 1. Introduction This article mainly focuses on teachers’ questions and teachers’ treatment of oral errors according to the assessment video two. The two aspects are critically important because they both integrate very closely with effectiveness of ESL. Teachers’ treatment of errors, namely corrective feedback, has been greatly emphasized by Roy Lyster et al (2012). Also, teachers’ questions, as one of the factors, have important influence on students’ understanding of the lesson in SLA classroom (Seliger, 1977). In terms of the great importance indicated by the two factors, teachers should pay more attention to making good use of the two factors as ‘scaffoldings’ to facilitate their teaching. In this video, the aim of the session is to achieve the goal of teaching some useful expressions and phrases in which, of course, relavent vacabulary in relation to the context were involved. And also to let the students be able to use words and phrases and know how to communicate with people by using these expressions in daily conversations with regards to talking birthday presents. This article will analyse two approaches: teachers’ questions and teachers’ treatment of oral errors. Firstly, there will be a relavent literature review and then follows the analysis of the assessment video two in the light of error treatment and teachers’ questions. In the end, improvements will be
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