The Influence Of Technology In The Workplace

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The impact of technology within the various work environments has had enormous influence on the way businesses and its people operate day to day. Today, flexibility, portability and multi-functionality are key factors to a successful business, - and here is when technology can be very helpful. (Glynska, M. 2016). My current position is a Client Service Manager at an independent financial planning firm. My duties consist of working with high net-worth investors preparing financial reports, aiding in financial transactions, marketing functions, as well as leading a team. My duties are vast because of the small nature of our company. The tasks I perform tend to lead me to utilizing many Microsoft programs such as Outlook, Word, Microsoft Dynamics, and Excel. I also take part in many webinars and conference calls utilizing GoToMeeting for example, as well as other products. The emergence of technology continues to increase the need for more innovation and training in our firm. This seems to be a necessity more so due to the age base of not only our clients, but our staff. I am the youngest in my firm and tend to be the first adopter and trainer to others. For our clients being able to…show more content…
Technology has also had a great positive effect on our lives, making it easier and more comfortable. True, we cannot follow all the latest technology achievements, but we can make a choice what kind of things might be the most useful in our lives (Glynska, M. 2016). People are able to accomplish greater masses of work, in a lesser amount of time. Messages are able to be sent and received in a timely manner. We are better because of technology, like it or not. Technology has allowed us all to me efficient in ways we did not know would ever existed. The connection opportunities of the social media platforms allows us to deepen our reach and maintain relationships when face to face is not always
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