The Influence Of Technology On Society

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Modern life has been penetrated with the inevitable presence of technology. Regardless of the scale of a population, environment, and lifestyle, technology advances are constructed into daily activities and are essential for most successful careers. Social media impacts political participation, engagement in social lives, and peoples personality traits. In this paper, it’ll discuss the three points mentioned earlier, using diverse articles to prove the impacts from social media from different peoples perspectives. “Superconnected” is the Introduction to the book Superconnected The Internet, digital media, and the techno-social life by Mary Chayko published by Sage Productions in Thousand Oaks, CA in 2017. Chayko discusses impacts of technology and it's importance in modern living. The title Superconnected correlates to the fact that humans are excessively indulged in being connected with as many people as possible. This article shows both the positive and the negative impacts from having this massive awakening to the tech era. Technology offers many advancements in social life, business, international communications, and many more aspects of life. On the other hand growth in technology can be harmful and create problems that can question the ethics and credibility of the extent technology is going to grow. Another connection Chayko mentions is the accessibility to technology (Chayko13). Many people in the U.S can forget how other counties are not saturated with
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