The Influence Of The Delian League

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The Delian League was an alliance formed by the Ancient Greek city states to form a mutual defense against a common enemy, the Persians (, n.d.). The goal of the Delian League was to fortify Greece’s defenses from its foreign enemies (mainly via a strong navy); and the League was largely successful at achieving this goal. The Delian League was predominantly maintained by Athens and was partly responsible for developing a strong mutual defense and navy; consisting of varying degrees of capital, support, and manpower from surrounding Greek city-states (especially city states near the Aegean Sea), (, n.d.). Moreover, although the Delian League was successful at its goal of implementing a mutual defense strategy for Ancient Greece, it also became overwhelmingly influenced by Athens; as made evident from a quote in the assigned reading: “The Delian League was turning into an Athenian Empire” (, n.d., p. FC23).…show more content…

To the extent that this decline was inevitable is debatable; as societies often rise and fall, especially under the stresses of war and political strife between city-states (etc.). However, suffice it to say (for now), that some circumstances related to the Delian League may have played an integral part in the rise and fall of the Ancient Greek city states, notwithstanding its initial success at achieving its immediate goal(s) of mutual defense
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