The Influence Of The Iranian Culture Essay

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Being Iranian has meant that I have often felt disengaged with this Kiwi culture that I have been brought up in. Iranian culture has changed post-revolution, going from cultural, political and personal freedom in a now, 37 years strong, heavy regulated Muslim society. Through this socio-autobiography I will show how culture, gender and power have shaped my life, and made me the person I am today. With Iranian culture having a heavy influence on all these. It is important to note that the process from pre revolution to post revolution plays an important part in Iran and its culture. I will be focussing on not only ethnicity, but also gender, which I have felt to notice more now at 18 years of age, and also the influence that power has in this heavily regulated society that is modern day Iran, and how it has effected me.
Michel Foucault (2013) describes power as being a form of social control, in which there is “public punishment of the body to private punishment of the mind and soul.” The behaviour of the people of Iran is shaped through this form of social control, with censorship of the internet, books, movies, songs, clothing, learning in schools, television, and the food you can buy. Foucault (2013) calls this “panopticism,” power of surveillance dominates people’s lives which in effect causes them to police themselves. At 10 years old, girls are forced to wear a headscarf, however I chose to wear a head scarf at a much younger age due to the fact that every other woman I
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