The Influence Of The Mass Media In The Media

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Mass media has a huge influence on communities across America. There are numerous mass media platforms like the internet, tv, magazines, and radio. Through the use of this platforms, messages are able to be given to the public at a huge and rapid rate. Information can at times, however, be misleading. Due to the fact that the media has a huge influence on the views of people, it is often used as a way to deteriorate the image of a certain group or individual, underrepresenting them in the entertainment business. In the 1950’s African Americans were underrepresented in the media, accounting for 6% of tv characters. Their numbers increased to 16% in the 1980’s (Rodriguez 13). That, however, has not been the case for the Hispanic/ Latino community. The Hispanic / Latino community are underrepresented in the mass media, being portrayed negatively in their moments in the media. This research began on November November 7, 2017. Online databases and books were all acquired through the Augsburg University Library. I looked for peer reviewed sources in order to make my research as credible as possible. The population interest were Latinos and the media during after the 1950’s. The process began by reading all sources and identifying the most relevant information to my topic. As information was gathered, some of the sources that were of little to no use were taken out of the research. When going through the information gathering while reading, there was a lot of focus given on the data and its analysis done by the researchers. Once information was gathered on one source, I would move onto the next. To organize the information gathered, it was classified by focus. In example, if in two sources news coverage was the topic, they would be grouped together. Once the information was organized and sorted out, the information was compared and analysed. Than it would be put into the actual research paper. The research done gives a general representation of the representation of Latinos on the media. In some states, this would not apply as they have local Latino tv channels, ran by the community itself. Some of this information was included in the research itself.
Latinos have always been underrepresented in the

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