The Influence Of The Media On A White Person

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own group or culture (Sue, 2006, p. 116).” It could have been the first time I actually saw the impact of the media on a white person that was not exposed to other cultures. I was never taught whites were better than anyone by my family and my education did not make me see white people in a positive light. Also, I was not taught to be colorblind. I was allowed to form my own opinions.
My racial identity has grown in ways. I am more aware of the impact of Jewish history on my identity. My white racial identity has not been changed from being in this class. I have grown and I believe that it is not stagnant or a zero sum transition or I could be in overlapping stages.
There is also that balance that one has to have, which we will stumble with, of not making the conversation about you while not being fearful. In my everyday experiences and when working with clients, I am used to it and assume a more passive role. With a person that knows me it does conjures up why do I feel that I must prove that I am aware and that me talking about white people is not dismissing racism. Furthermore, part of this equation is not being fearful and not being fearful is the ability to speak your mind without the fear of being labeled or reprisal. I do not blame people of color that I have to prove myself, because I am empathic and understanding of the reasoning why proof is needed. Regarding this class, it is much more difficult to do this in an hour online, without the personal interactions that…
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