The Influence Of The Power Of Cultures

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Ever since she could remember, Maria’s neighborhood has been lit by a beacon of obscurity. She passed it for what must be the 10000th time on her walk down from Mount Washington. She’s never tried to use it, but the likeliness of there being any Pepsi inside to refresh passersby is about the same as the movie on the front being someone’s favorite of the franchise. Admittedly, she did like Liam Neeson’s character, who unlike his plastic sheet counterpart was still sparkling after 18 years.
At the corner of Federal and General Robinson streets, there was a plethora of this coupling between unhealthy snacks and Star Wars to be found. Since 2015, fans of a galaxy far, far away had mixed their passion with another American classic. Some people
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It never mattered what Maria and her friend did together. The two of them could sit on the sidewalk watching paint dry and it would be the highlight of their year. The rare times they’d seen each other over the past five years were never conventional. When they traveler had asked if they were high school friends, they had to pause before they said yes. Sure, they’d been friends since they were 15 and 16, but their circumstances had brought them to a place beyond the prison of adolescence. She can still feel the chill of the first place they were together outside of the grounds of confidentiality half a decade later.
After paying respects to the people serving our country, a familiar tune boomed through the airways accompanied by the trademark yellow text scrolling down the Jumbotron. It was Episode 50: The Battle of Darth Volquez vs. the Jedi Knight Cole. Both were after the coveted division pennant and would stop at nothing to complete the quest. The enemy drew his weapon and struck first. The victory screech from the audience was not accompanied by the usual cannonballs, but instead the “pews” of a blaster gun.
The Force proved to be strong with the Marlins. While her home team let runs go, Maria bonded more with her fellow fan. Before he began studying chemistry at USC, him and his friends liked to catch foul balls at minor league games. The Fresno team wouldn’t let their spectators keep this souvenir, however, but each catch
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