The Influence Of The Roman Colosseum

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Roman architecture has influenced our modern-day society in many ways. One of the ways is by the construction of the Roman Colosseum in 72 A.D. The Roman Colosseum was the first major stadium or amphitheater to ever be built. Without the planning, construction, and techniques used for Roman Colosseum, we would not have some of the famous stadiums and amphitheaters that exist today.
The Yankee Stadium and Staples Center are both examples of stadiums that were well influenced by the Roman Colosseum. Many similar techniques were used to build the Colosseum, and were also used in the making of these two stadiums. An example of a technique that was used during the building of the Colosseum is the architectural design of the arches that are in the Great Hall of the Yankee Stadium. They were built from a series of stone blocks that were placed in a certain way to hold them together in the shape of an arch. Another example of important idea that the Romans developed, and used often was organized labor. Organized labor was useful because it was a way of sorting all the workers and their skills into the appropriate and corresponding jobs. It also provided a working system including receiving breaks, lunches and some set work hours along with medical care for when it was needed. Many other different techniques that the Romans created were used in the making of other famous stadiums and amphitheaters and continue to be used today. The Roman Colosseum was the first major stadium ever
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