The Influence Of The Romanticization Of Trade

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Domestically, the romanticization of trade can trigger the rise of political parties on the right. Liberalists do not only think that all states participating in free trade will be better off, but also think that within each state, the increase of overall national income ensures the increasing life quality of every single person. However, the ideal version that trade can lift everybody up economically is false. For instance, in the US, trade can affect producers and workers in different industries differently. In some cases, trade affects capitalists and workers differently no matter which industry they are in, and in some other cases, trade affects different industries differently regardless of their socioeconomic status.
For instance,
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Since political parties on the right hold a more conservative view of trade, supporting and voting for them is a chance for people who lose to fight back. Especially with the wide use of social media, people who are negatively affected by trade can communicate with people who have similar experiences. Social media enables people to organize without the mainstream noticing. Therefore, the winning of Donald Trump, who openly proposes complete withdrawals from free trade deals, such as TPP, became possible. Ironically, TPP advocates’ oversimplification of trade helps contribute to the spread of xenophobia and the rise of radical political parties; neither of the social influences provides an ideal environment for free trade to grow. Free trade agreements are less likely to be achieved in hostile domestic environments against foreign countries because people associate foreigners with foreign countries that take domestic jobs away. Political parties on the right are also less likely to follow the free trade economic model.
TPP advocates’ neglect of losers generated by the TPP cannot be taken as an evidence to prove that the TPP does not have its merit. The TPP does increase the national income in member states and trade induces an economic increase in an unprecedented way. If pulling out the TPP pushed Japan closer to China, the change of trade pattern could

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