The Influence Of Theatrical Media On College Life

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Every situation can be viewed in multiple ways by different individuals. Growing up, I would describe my development as struggle, positivity, and purposeful. The road to the college life was a personal struggle. I actually didn’t want to go because I didn’t think there was anything there for me to achieve. I was convinced that I wouldn’t even excel due to upbringings and circumstances. Eventually, I decided to commit and attend University because I just wanted something to do during my time. I developed positivity, resources, and character through my college journey. I look at this journey as a developing and purposeful time in my transition to adulthood. These four years in college can be seen as a movie for some individuals. Similarly,…show more content…
The explorers are given the task of exploring and exploring the unknown. The movie is filled with different routes, interpretations, and ethics. The movie has the issues of nostalgia, survival, and adaptation. There are issues on Earth that would suggest that they don’t have any survival left. Normal life changes and now the only one capable to save Earth must abandon his loved ones. Also, adaptation is a big part of the movie due to being in a completely different environment. They must learn to cooperate as team and make sure they adapt to any sort of situation. Furthermore, coop has several instances of nostalgia during the exploration. His children can leave him video messages and it’s the only evidence he has of their existence. Eventually, those videos halt and it only perpetuates nostalgia for him. The movie suggests that it stands closely to the survival of humanity. If one doesn’t attempt to save the human race then eventually that same individual will perish with the rest. The movie portrays looking at the entire spectrum before making a decision. The movie would like to save as many lives as possible because it’s valued higher than a family relationship. Interstellar attempts to persuade their audience the importance of the entire globe.

Sometimes individuals are challenged with making life changing decisions. The movie interstellar has many instances where
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