The Influence Of Vaccinating Children

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Dear Editor,
I have been reading disturbing reports that a growing segment of our society is deciding to refuse vaccinations and immunizations for their children. These children, when allowed to co-mingle with other children potentially come into contact with children who are immune-compromised due to immuno-suppressant therapy, cancer, chemotherapy, or immunodeficiency disease, not to mention newborns, who have not yet been immunized against dangerous communicable diseases. As a society, we must stand up to those who would threaten the public health with decisions which may well take us back to an age of high child mortality--a public health disaster. Failing to immunize your child enables them to spread preventable communicable diseases to
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Those who knowingly choose not to vaccinate their children have jobs, go to the supermarket, attend church, visit the library, walk around shopping malls, and take their children to the playground, pool, skating rink, and amusement park. They shake hands, serve food, use public restrooms, and handle items you may later touch, after they have touched their children. If their children are infectious, they can spread bacteria to whatever or whomever they touch. They may not even know that they are carrying a dangerous infectious agent. They may not know that their children were exposed and are contagious. They may not know that they have made you a carrier when they handed you a water bottle after getting one for their own child, which you then unknowingly gave to your child. If you child is immune compromised, or you then touch a baby who has not yet been vaccinated, the exposure has been made. Every immune compromised person or not yet immunized baby the parent of an unvaccinated child comes into contact with has the potential of becoming a part of a senseless, highly preventable, and utterly disastrous…show more content…
Anyone who breathes the air in that room, even if the infected person has left, has just been exposed. Other bacteria, such as polio, can live on surfaces for up to two months. Anyone who touches that item your child has handled, even a month or two ago, has just been exposed. Some bacterial infections, such as rubella or pertussis, may appear to be nothing more than a minor cold, until the rash or whooping appears, but are contagious for several days before that. Anyone who comes into contact with your child who “just has the sniffles,” has just been exposed. Measles, polio, and pertussis are life-threatening, particularly for immune compromised people and infants. Rubella can cause birth defects and miscarriage when a pregnant woman is exposed. Those who choose to refuse vaccination for their child are then potentially exposing other people to life-threatening diseases, with the threat of causing a senseless, highly preventable, and utterly disastrous
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