The Influence Of Video Games On Teenagers

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Lukas Karlsson English IV P5 Ms. Schwander 07 October 2014 The Influence of Video Games on Teenagers The long-standing controversial issue of the correlation between aggressive video games and violence committed by adolescents has been debated and researched since the early 1980’s. The video gaming business has become a multi-billion dollar business which has great influence on our society. Due to the financial gains and the technological advances, video games have become more realistic over time. Some current popular video games are so realistic that many perceive them as simulations. These so-called simulations are nothing more than just a game with advanced graphics. Often times, video games are described as only having negative effects on today 's adolescents, but this is not true. Research has documented many positive effects as well. Some people view video games as just another opportunity for adolescents to release their aggressions, however, it can also be a learning tool in multiple ways. The technological evolution is making video games more attractive to potential gamers and thus has become a part of a lifestyle, rather than just a cool invention. Many people believe gaming is something that is ruining, and in some cases, consuming a person’s life and personality. Video games may not be as resourceful or fundamental as the typical learning experience provided in traditional school settings, but it is a form of learning. In a statistic from the years 1996 to
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