The Influence Of Visual Advertising On Consumer Behavior

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Dating back to the 1950s and the early days of marketing strategies, ads have played a prominent role in consumer behavior (Barnham 1). As a leading cause to product success rate, a large population of consumers buys a product because of their respective interpretation of respective companies’ advertisements. Visual ads are an important asset to the marketing industry. Paying attention to the rational and emotional needs of the consumer, companies recognize the benefits of productive advertising, in addition to understanding consumer conscience. With the progress of modern technology, producers’ visual ads have been conveniently more accessible to various mediums of marketing techniques. Whether a televised ad, or a magazine ad, the luxury life-style brand, Michael Kors, uses visual qualities to enhance the meaning and depict much more than what meets the eye. The direct response to this effective advertising is positive for the company. Thus, the consumer interpretation of visual ads is significant to the producer because consumer behavior controls the products’ success. Through the use of logos, bold colors, oversized images, descriptive word choice, and ethos, Michael Kors pays elicit attention to the consumers’ rational and irrational desires in order to sell a wrist watch. The most important advertising technique used by Michael Kors is their appeal to logic. This aspect is so important because it pertains to their intended audience, who is the root cause for all of…
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