The Influence Of Western Imperialism

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Western scientists proposed new ideas regarding biological races that enhanced their beliefs that westerners are naturally superior than other groups. Europeans were convinced that colonization and enslavement of other societies were justified and as a result imperialism of the western world began and influenced the basis of America. By taking over these new colonies, such as India and Sri Lanka, science was able to develop and incorporate new information on the origins of humanity with respect to the organization of the natural world. Within the beginnings of Western imperialism, America was able to develop and thrive from the influences of previous European activity, which granted the advancement of science and thus entirely changed the definition of modern science. The British invasion of India came after the desire of the East India Company wanting to grow trade and thus required knowledge of the indigenous living in India, so they became highly interested in the Sanskrit texts (Sivasundaram 130). The importance of such texts showed scientists that “India’s past...was glorified, and progress was tied not to the body or physiognomy but to language” (Sivasundaram 131). This new discovery allowed for the intelligence of the culture of India to change and demonstrated the differences among environments Europeans were not exposed to. The anti-British Indian Mutiny of 1857 showcased Europeans taking over India and science develop as the wars allowed for the catalogue

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