The Influence Of Women In This One Summer And Sula

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The power and influence of mothers in society After reading through the two novels this one summer by Jillian, Mariko Tamaki’s and The Sula’s by Toni Morrison, we understand that both novels demonstrate how family and friendship connect to prevalent issues of individual identity, sexuality, and race? The both novels expressed the gender inequality as well as the ideology of how women view each other. A careful review of the novel, This One Summer, and Sula shows lack of love, friendship and family options can be traced to several important factors. How the both mother relate on a wide’s gendered level? How sex and sexuality impact tweens experience in their adolescence? How the mothers of both novels relate on a wide’s gendered level? In The One Summer, Windy and Rose spend more time at Brewster’s when they hear other teenagers cursing, using words like “slut”. Rose learns things that she never heard before which affect her way of looking at things in life, we could consider this as a stage of adolescences in the line ”condoms made from squirrel skin or something” (Tamaki’s. 230) and “ what did they use for birth control” (Tamaki’s, 130). These words are inappropriate to use from teenager, which label as bad influence to Wendy and Rose. In this line Wendy says, “ Oh, well these guys who knew these girls were calling them Sluts.” (Tamaki’s, 240). In the Sula novel the book shows that Helen was rising

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