The Influence On The Media

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MLW Research Paper – The Influence on the Media First, this paper will show how the newspaper men came to Little Rock, Arkansas and that they wanted to write and to do their jobs and show how the segregation, hate, and conflicting viewpoints were real and how doing their job threatened their lives but, this story needed to be heard. Moreover, Alex Wilson was a journalist for the Memphis-based Tri-State Defender and was there to report on the “Little Rock Nine,” Moses Newson, was there from the Baltimore Afro-American, James L. Hicks, editor of the Amsterdam News in New York, Earl Davy, a freelance photographer. These men were all there to do a job. (LaNier 2010) However, on September 23, 1957, these four black journalists who had been at the Bates home with all the “Little Rock Nine” had gone to the school before the students had arrived. The crowd hollered at them and were taunting them. “Wilson and Hicks were telling them they were newspapermen and just wanting to do their job.” (LaNier 2010) The crowd lunged at them, kicking, punching and spitting at them. The broke Davy’s camera and chased him and others attacked Newson and Hicks, but they managed to escape. Consequently, “Wilson was a veteran journalist and a former war correspondent, he was not going to be shaken and stood his ground.” (LaNier 2010) The crowd wanted him to leave and he was not going to allow them to shake him. “The mob did deliver a crushing blow to the back of his head and he fell to the ground

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