How Acquired Talent Can Make A Difference In The Life Of The Individual?

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This is because different studies were conducted that are showing how the genetics and inherited traits are the most important in determining success in life. Evidence of this can be seen with observations from Flippo (1992). He conducted a study using various resources and determined that genetics will influence the way that someone thinks as well as reacts to different stimuli. (Flippo, 1992) However, other research has shown that critical life skills can be acquired by an individual. This is from their willingness to want to change and evolve with their environment. According to Robbins (1991), this is a key in determining how successful someone will be over the course of their lives. This is based on him evaluating and studying what traits helps to make a person excel. (Robbins, 1991)
While at the same time, others who are supposed to have superior genetic attributes will underperform. This is highlighting how inherited traits will not assist someone to effectively deal with a host of challenges. Instead, their ability to adapt will determine their levels of success and how well they work with others. This is one of the most important factors in providing an individual with the tools they need to achieve different goals. (Robbins, 1991)
How Acquired Talent can make a difference in the Life of the Individual? There is a…
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