The Influence of Advertising

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What is the Influence of Advertising on our children today? The influence of advertising on our lives, for both our children and us, for many years the influence of advertising has changed. Some people may remember when the advertisements of toy companies were directed at the adults instead of the kids, hoping that the adults might buy the products. Today’s advertisements have changed. Advertisements are more pervasive, sophisticated, and are now aimed directly at getting kids addicted to “products” at a very young age (Marconi, JM.). This goes to show that advertisers have realized that it is better to go right for the person who the product is for and not for the person that will be buying it for someone else. So how has advertising …show more content…
Whether it’s the Porsche ad that shows the grade school boy recognizing the car as the King of “cool” and success, or the Chevy that wins the NASCAR championship; these brands are sealed into a child’s mind at a young age. The dolls that little girls play with may promote brand name make up, board games may make use of a specific credit card, and a hot wheels racetrack often includes a specific brand of car (Hall and Kohrs 2006). All of these promotions are paid for by manufacturers and serve a very specific purpose. This message often has the effect of making kids consumers of such products at an increasingly early age and assures that they develop their brand loyalty earlier.
Is Advertising Really That Influential? There are a number of studies that support the idea that advertising is particularly effective with children due to the fact they don’t have the same critical thinking/judgment as an adult. The brief from the APA highlights this thought and discusses how such advertising can lead children to unhealthy food and lifestyle choices (American psychological association 2009). Advertising has also been shown to greatly influence a child’s body image and sexual development. This young media site covers many of the related issues. Children today often feel the influence of advertising’s subtle messages more strongly that those provided by schools and even parents. Certainly many
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