The Influence of Alcohol Consumption on Human Behavior:

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Running Head: ALCOHOL VERSUS CRITICAL THINKING The Influence of Alcohol Consumption on Human Behavior: How Alcohol Affect Critical Thinking The Influence of Alcohol Consumption on Critical Thinking: How Alcohol Affect Human's Perception Introduction Critical thinking is our ability to apply the law of logic on our everyday decision making processes based on the information and evidences that we have (Furedy & Furedy, 1985). Previous studies showed the strong relationship between alcohol and negative behaviors such as violent (Ensor and godfrey 1993), reduced self- control (Abrams and Wilson 1983), sexual aggression (Seto and Barbaee 1995), risky sexual behavior (Testa and Collins 1997) and dangerous driving patterns (Donovan and Marlatt…show more content…
Also, the data results collected will be keep in private to public. This research consists of two surveys. The first one which is for the participants includes questions about their own action, behavior and feeling after they consumed alcohol. The questions will be on several topics, such as violence, reduced self-control, sexual risky taking, and risky driving patterns. There will be 8 sections with the same set of questions, each section represents for the number of drink the participant has consumed (1 to 8 beers). The participant is asked to response to each question with an answer ranking from 0 to 7 in which 0 is as if he/she never does it and 7 is as if he/she does it every time after that specific amount of drink (depend on which section the participant is in). The second survey is for the participant's partner(s). The way this survey is set up is identical to the first one, except questions are about the participant's illogically actions and behaviors that can be observed by the person who he/she drank with. Each participant will be provided an account on my website so they can log on and do the survey online. The average score, which is equal to the sum of the scores of all questions answered, divided by the number of the questions answered, of one section will represent the score for the lack of critical thinking for that section. Plot the scores on a scatterplot
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