The Influence of Asthma on the Lives of Students

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Introduction The introduction provided by Ahmad and Grimes (2011) contains background information. This section indicates that challenge created by asthma as a chronic condition among children and adolescents. The challenge is that days of school can be missed as a result of the condition. The introduction section also contains the purpose of the study, which is to investigate if existing school-based asthma education programs are effective in decreasing the morbidity associated with the condition.
The Problem The problem, as described by the authors, revolve around how asthma influences the lives and schooling of young people. In addition to the potential detriments for the education process itself, young asthma sufferers also tend to be less active in physical and sports activities, which in turn influences their social and physical development. In general, their quality of life is significantly affected. A good self-management education program for the condition is therefore essential to help manage the problem.
The Sample To investigate the problem, a sample of nine studies was used, including a number of common characteristics. The purpose of all the studies was to provide education to children suffering from asthma in order to help them understand the condition and improve their ability to manage it by means of self-care. Of the studies, six took place within the past 5 years. In terms of focus groups, the studies were also heterogeneous in terms of the age

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