The Influence of Athletic Competition on Psychological Development

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A large sector of this research has specifically analyzed the outcomes of negative experiences within athletics, especially those high in stress and therefore resulting in potentially detrimental consequences for athletes. A major source of stress within athletics is due to potential and veritable athletic injuries due to overuse, during-game accidents and other competition/training related afflictions (Hanson, McCullagh & Tonymon, 1992). Approximately 3-5 million injuries occur due to athletics each year (Smith, Smoll & Ptacek, 1990), and the prevalence of such injuries suggests that the trauma experienced could pose a significant threat to athletes, both physically and psychologically, a phenomenon that warrants further investigation. For the past 30 years or so, research has evaluated the manner with which people handle stressful situations, which include athletic injury, and across the literature it has been consistently and reliably found that people vary in the manner with which they express well-being across stressful life events (Carver, Scheier & Weintraub,1989; DeLongis & Holtzman, 2005; Smith, Smoll &…
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