The Influence of Books on the Past and Present Literacy

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The article describes the influence of religious books such as the bible on the past and present states of literacy. Past literacy based on religious books shows the origin of the biblical practices of exorcism and the culture of Protestantism in England. It describes the superstitions surrounding the early forms of education and the difficulty they bring as regards the understanding of religious books. The article shows that the understanding of the bible influenced the present state of literacy by introducing prudence and enlightenment. The article is important in the research as it will provide enough information on how the western culture has reformed the present literacy by drawing its roots from protestant Christianity.
The article describes how the past literacy played an important role in adult education. For instance, the educators linked several issues to past literacy and adult education. The bone of contention emerges between the impact of theory and practice on policy making. The research provides the basis of how the three coexist in the world of literacy. It provides the platform where literacy meets adult education. The aspect of literacy in this context relates to classrooms, workplaces, cyberspace, and tutorial sessions. The scholar article is important as it will provide a basis for understanding how the past literacy practices evolved into present literacy on the issue of adult education. More importantly, it links policy making to literacy.
The article
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