The Influence of Employment on Core Values Essay

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This essay will investigate the effect of of employment upon a person's core values and ethics. Values and ethics are socialised into a person through institutions such as family, education and religion. Workplaces are encountered later in life once a persons identity with values has already developed. I choose this area of research because within my micro world I was surprised about how diversely people with different occupations behave as with peoples with the same occupation behave similarly. I hypothesis that workplaces will have a positive or negative influence upon a person’s values dependant on the culture of the workplace and that adults will be more susceptible to this influence than a teenager. An adult’s identity and…show more content…
My chosen cross culture is age. I will be contrasting teenagers and adult and the effects employment has on their values. As a teenager this cross cultural will enable me to empathise and respect the working adult and understand the differences they experience within institutions and the institutions impact. As a teenager who is not actively working this topic and cross-cultural will provide me with an understanding to why persons behave the way they do. Continuity and change will be investigated through how todays adults experienced working as a teenager and how working changed their values as a teenager. Employment institutions in the past will be investigated and how they have remained or changed over time through industralisation and modernisation. This PIP journey will enhance my investigative skills through the synthesis and analysis of primary and secondary research. It will expand my socio-cultural literacy with being able to empathise and understand other individuals within society without prejudice. Second Methodology I chose to conduct a questionnaire as my second methodology. With reflection upon my first methodology, an interview, and my secondary research I drafted what I had expected to achieve from my questionnaire. I aimed to be able to see that there was a difference in teenager’s values over time due to working. I also wanted to see if the non-working teenager personal values
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