The Influence of Exposure to Violence

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Periodically committed, violent acts from individuals whom are motivated by influence lead us to question western culture’s addiction to violent coverage and its enablers. Exposure to violence is not only limited to real-life experience, exposure can be extended through media outlets, enablers, who may increase the harmful effects of exposure to such violent acts. The media exploits society’s increasing dependence on technology to further supply western culture’s lust for violence. Violence in the media and its debated influence is an important topic because of its ability to manifest into negative, tangible consequences. Among the harmful effects of violent media is aggression. Sissela Bok articulates in her essay called, Aggression: The Impact of Media Violence, that appetite for violence arises from growing desensitization in individuals, particularly impressionable children and adolescents. Critics discredit theories such as Bok’s claiming that no evidence linking media violence to real life acts exist. Regardless, Bok believes it is a correlation that we should be highly sensitive of. Others like Bok have provoked thought over the negative effects of the media’s relentless coverage of violence. In a film written by Quentin Tarantino titled Natural Born Killers, Tarantino portrays the role of the media, which in turn delivers the very effects of violent exposure that Bok is critical of. Though ironic, Tarantino’s Natural Born Killer aims to elicit thought, as to serve
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