The Influence of Fashion on People Essay

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The Influence of Fashion on People Everyday, you’re thinking ‘Why cant I just be the most perfect human being in the world?’ If you have a wonky nose or you want larger lips you can just ask a surgeon to try and perform miracles to change you. It sounds so straightforward. You don’t need to go on holiday anymore to get a tan. You can go under a sun bed and shrivel up like a raisin or you could apply brown paint to your body. Fashion is a big part of all our lives. Why, today are we being pressurised in trying to make ourselves perfect and more beautiful? Not everyone’s perfect. Some people would say the perfect person would have blonde hair, blue eyes, slim with a lovely tan. People would say…show more content…
It also must be taken into account that Plastic Surgery can be dangerous, or it could go absolutely wrong and damage your body when you become older, especially if you are still growing. Cosmetic surgery is very expensive which costs thousands of pounds, and there is no guarantee it will make you look better, in fact it could make you look and feel worse therefore, costing you lots of time, money and lots of pain for nothing. When you’re walking through the streets trying to look your best in your bright orange tan, all it is doing to you is making you feel more attractive. Using a sun bed, is a very popular way to make yourself look like you have been on holiday, sunbathing on the beach from morning till night. Sun beds are acceptable if you don’t use them too much, if however you do use them all the time it could turn out to be terrible. Many people are addicted to sun beds and use them constantly. They could then be at a great risk of getting skin cancer. Some people may argue that that sun beds are a good thing because they say that they make you feel good about yourself, make you look attractive and make you feel more confident. I would argue that sun beds are a waste of time because they don’t always work on your first few sessions, so you have to use them over and over again. Sun beds are not suitable for everyone. By this, you are spending loads
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