The Influence of Fashion on Self Esteem

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Fashion A clothing style may be introduced as fashion. Fashion refers to clothing that is in desirable style at a particular time. At different times in history, fashionable dress has been in very different forms. In modern times nearly everyone follows fashion to some extent. According to Constantine,S. and Woodall,T.(2000), style is not something you are born with, but something everyone can learn. Style is also wearing something no one else has and combining different hues of one color. Be aware that expensive clothes do not automatically make you stylish. It is also understandable which shapes are appropriate for you and which to avoid. You will be able to build on this framework and acquire your individuality through your accessories. How you dress makes a huge difference to how other people will perceive you and, therefore, treat you: with respect, admiration or contempt. However, dressing to look your best is not about following fashion or spending bundle of cash or what is hip for the season. If you have got fat, pitted thighs, no miniskirt, however gorgeous, is going to flatter you. To Weber,M. and Heussen,V.(2000), clothing is one of the five essentials necessary to sustain life. We employ millions of people and provide for their families well-being. It matters to you and it affects how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. Our clothes, in the simplest terms, provide cover, warmth and protection. Also, on a deeper level, clothes allow you to feel
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