The Influence of Fitzgeral's Personal Life on The Gerat Gastby

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The Influence of Fitzgerald’s Personal Life on The Great Gatsby Many authors find inspiration through real life experiences and transform them into works of literature to match how they want to portray them. Fitzgerald is no different, in fact, his personal life is a crucial factor in his writing style. Fitzgerald grew up with increasing numbers of difficulties, but found his way around them and incorporated those experiences into his novels. In order to achieve his goals, he began changing himself to fit social standards. Fitzgerald’s novels are a huge success because he writes realistic situations that readers can relate to and are interesting enough to keep the reader active. The struggles, conflicts, and obstacles that…show more content…
Fitzgerald was able to obtain enormous success through his undying determination to fulfill his growing ambitions. As long as Fitzgerald committed himself to something, he was determined to finish the job because “for him commitment…was all-powerful” (Greenfeld 31). As in The Great Gatsby, Gatsby is completely committed and devoted to attaining his perfect life with Daisy, and does everything in his power to obtain it. However it was not only Fitzgerald’s determination that led to his success, but also his many ideals. “The common denominators here are the subjects with which Fitzgerald deals in all of his novels: youth, physical beauty, wealth, and potential or "romantic readiness"--all of which are ideals to Fitzgerald” ( His ideals create the fiction in his novels because of situations in his life that he could picture in different scenarios. “He had always idealized and romanticized women, and in Genevra King [“the first girl I (Fitzgerald) ever loved”] he found all those qualities that he thought important” (Greenfeld 31). Fitzgerald never forgot about his first love, and used her as a reference for future characters, such as Daisy Buchanan because Fitzgerald was unable to be with her. Notably, Fitzgerald incorporated many of the people he met into his novels; as well as many of the places he has been

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