The Influence of George Frideric Handel on Music

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Introduction Over time, the world has seen many outstanding musicians, and so much fantastic music. Each highly remembered composer or musician changed the way we think and see the world. They give us new ideas, and music is a wonderful way to convey moods and emotions. Each also slightly changed music itself. Handel was one of the greatest of these people. He was a superior composer who largely influenced and expanded music. Background George Frideric Handel was born in Germany, but found his future in England as a composer. Stanley states that: “Handel was by training and temperament a composer… Like Mozart he possessed in the highest degree the supreme attributes of the musical dramatist” (105-106). The surprising thing is Handel was…show more content…
England loved Handel dearly. He was famous all over. He wrote different genres, and for many occasions, so many people were familiar with him, one way or another. The musical history of England is greatly dependent on Handel. He was, undoubtedly, one of their most honored composers. To George Frederik Handel we own our prestige as a musical nation; to his inimitable genius and mighty intellect we are indebted … [Handel’s operas] have served as a model for the formation of our national style; his individual idiosyncrasies have become the accepted formulae of sacred musical utterance, and the purity of his themes and major proportions of his style have given at once the example, and the spirit of emulation to succeeding generations of native musicians! (Qtd in. Parker) He gave England its reputation in music, providing the foundation for many fantastic composers after him. Handel notably impacted the writings of future composers. Langlois evaluates Handel’s influence in many of Mozart’s pieces. These are in pieces such as The Solemn Vespers, or C Minor Mass. He also tells of Handel’s influence on Beethoven. “There can be found a certain Handelian influence in Beethoven’s music. Many of Beethoven’s grand themes sound as if they could have been written by Handel… More
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