The Influence of Grace Jones, Tyler the Creator, and Erykah badu on my Teenage Self

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Everyone has a memoir to discuss with out maybe without the state of others.Many people had differences between one another, physically or mentally , unique you can consider. According to me, I would say the differences bounded by me furthermore most teenage girls,I would utter that I’m one in a million that knew staying true to yourself no matter what people thought of you all together hated you for. Through out my school years I would acknowledge my greatest experience and accomplishment was concluded. From far as I can remember until my high school, imperious inhabit my essay today. My own style of clothes and just my personality differ from others. I loved to dress high fashion furthermore vintage-like , everything about seem difference,from the books I loved to read down to the musical taste I desired.

Did you perhaps know the main cause of teen suicide? Well there is a high rate that is dude to bullying, that’s right, shocking. Hurting someone emotions, because your idea of them is different. As for, I seem to amaze anyone. Being put down a lot I turn to hope, which consider being music. During my depression years of being with bullying, low self –conscious; I discover three truly awesome, even creative artists who influence me. Those artists we’re Grace Jones, Tyler, the Creator, and Erykah badu. You might be wondering why this happened to her? It’s a small town who knew people there was different? Let’s just I enjoy being myself, expressing, ideas and thinking…